Generic Parts

Wheel Bearings

1997 Front 6004-2RS


Front, 6204-2RS or  6204LL

And all models left rear 6204-2RS or  6204LL

(same bearing different mfg.) 6204 is size, letters indicate sealed both sides. See below about seal designation


1997-2000 All right rear  5204?? Double Row Angular Contact Bearing

They need to be sealed both sides.

MRC #5204ZZ

RSR #5204EE

IKS #52042RS

The list goes on, and on. Just get a 5204 that is sealed on both sides. Mfg's use different suffixes to designate seal configuration. The list would be as long as my arm. And if you ask for a 5204 2RS and the child behind the counter knows nothing about bearings, he may tell you they don't have it. But they do have 5204ZZ's. But that isn't what you asked for.

If you have a "bearing house" nearby go there and ask for a 5204 with seals on both sides, then keep a spare at home. They only cost about $11


Timing Belts

Gates # 275

Napa # 250275

Goodyear - #40275

Wheel Seals
The right fronts differ in 97
some 97's took 28X42X8
and some took 28X47.2X7
Left front is 45X55X5
All the I/S models took 289X47.2X7 on the front right
And 45X55X5 on the speedo side

The rear is

30 x 47 x 8


I found the thermostat that is the automotive application that Honda must use. It has 160, 180 and 190 degree. The part #143-0687 this is a car quest number the application I ordered was for a 93 Mitsubishi montero with a 3000 engine v6. Its a direct fit. I put the 180 in the Valk and it works great more power and feels allot better in riding because it doesn't throw as much heat out. This is the same temp as the stock Honda thermostat but the temp is consistently lower. I am going to go with the 160 for summer. I think a 94 supra takes the same too

Contributed by Robert

1981 Honda Civic has the same thermostat.

Motorad part numbers. They fit hundreds of cars.

O.E. Type Thermostat 240-160 160 degree. Alternate Temperature.
O.E. Type Thermostat 240-180 180 degree. O.E. Recommended Temperature.
O.E. Type Thermostat 240-192 192 degree. Alternate Temperature.
High Flow Thermostat 2040-160 160 degree. Alternate Temperature.
High Flow Thermostat 2040-180 180 degree. O.E. Recommended Temperature.
High Flow Thermostat 2040-192 192 degree. Alternate Temperature.
Fail Safe Thermostat 7240-160 160 degree. Alternate Temperature.
Fail Safe Thermostat 7240-180 180 degree. O.E. Recommended Temperature.
Fail Safe Thermostat 7240-192 192 degree. Alternate Temperature


Thermostat Gasket

Murry 2278 rubber seal from a 1990 Volvo Model 740 with a 2.3 DOHC engine

Brake Rotors

The following are Honda part number from a GL1800 GoldWing. They do fit a Valkyrie.  Front only





Oil Filters

The following numbers have been verified.

Purolator ML 16817

Mobil 1 M1-110

The following numbers have not been tested by me, they were referred to me. I believe they all fit the bike but aftermarket chrome covers might not.


Fram PH 6017

STP S-02808
AC PF1127 or PF1051
LEE LF2808 or LF2808HP
Purolator L14459
Wix 51334
GM 94149418
Mazda N231-23-802
Mitsubishi MD097003
Motorcraft FL810

K&N oil filter KN-303 Black
K&N oil filter KN-303C Chrome

Paper element 10-82220
Microglass Element 10-82222
Both are chrome

Emgo 10-82230 is black and the Cobra chrome cover will fit.


SMF-103C (Chrome)

Wal-Mart ST

filters are made by Champion Labs who also make STP, Bosch and Mobil-1 filters.
ST6607 52 sq in of media. same size as OEM
ST7317 62 sq in media same dia 1/2 longer then OEM
ST3593A (160 sq in? not confirmed) larger dia but shorter than ST3717
all of the above have the required 8-11 psi by-pass valve.




Supercharger Related Parts


040315 or 040320

I use the 040320 it's longer and gives more pulley wrap.

Idler Pulley Bearing

6203 V

6203 ZZ

Upper radiator hose.

(B) 71260


Tube to manifold O-rings

Dash 123 on old version

Dash 124 on new cast manifold

Tube to head O-rings

Dash 123




Intake runner O-Rings

They are Dash 123 O-rings

The metric size of the o-ring is (28MM X 34MM X 3MM)

Advanced Auto's Parts carries it by the part (#64628.1)

Standard O-ring sizes

Width: 3/32" Fractional

AS568A Dash No. Fractional Size, ID× OD Actual Size, ID×OD
123 1-3⁄16" ×1-3⁄8" 1.174 ×1.380


Tach and Speedo bulbs for Non- Interstate Valks

Wagner Lighting p/n 193

bulb 4.6w,14v,15,000hr

perfect illumination & LONG LIFE….for about .60cents ea;

couple of ph #s….Federal-Mogul/Wagner Lighting….800-537-8984;

Parts Plus (one distributor) 800-727-8112  (other manufacturers’ hour life rating can be less/half….7500hrs) #193 is the industry lookup standard

Mark (Valkrocket in Utah)


Coolant Options

Prestone® Extended Life 5/150 Antifreeze/Coolant

Peak Final Charge Global

Prestone All Brands

caterpillar ELC prediluted

Havoline Extended Life coolant

Prestone 50/50 Extended Life





If you know of a generic part that should be included on this page let me know.   mailto:Jeff K

Alternator Options


'97 Goldwing Aspencade
Part # is 31100-MT2-015
"The terminal & plastic insulator are different where you connect the alternator battery wire. You have to take off the capacitor that is mounted on the Gold Wing alternator and rotate the front housing to match the holes from the Valkyrie model so that it will fit."


As per Ron Ayers Parts Fiche, alternator 31100-MT2-015 fits on the 30 following GL1500 Goldwing models :

Honda GOLD WING GL1500 (1988 to 1990)

Honda GOLD WING ASPENCADE GL1500A (1991 to 2000)

Honda GOLD WING INTERSTATE GL1500I (1991 to 1996)

Honda GOLD WING SE GL1500SE (1990 to 2000)



Spark plugs

ACCEL = 882
GM_NUMBER = 5614066

REACH = .750


Valkyrie Interstate Driving Light Relay

AutoZone sells a Pilot (brand) Replacement Relay for $4.99

The Pilot relay model number on the packaging card is PL-RY1.

Note: Number C0249 is printed on the relay itself.


Interstate - (Hondaline Driving lites), and found that a Fog lite Relay from
a Honda CR-V # 39797-SE0-004 is exactly the same


Inserts for fairing, Honda part #



Interstate Dash bulbs


Standard dash bulb, available at any auto parts store.

Starter Relay Repair

Relay Part # 35850-MT4-000
Wire loom repair kit - Part # 32110-ML8-305

This repair kit is actually for a 84-87 Gold Wing.

In the kit you get the following parts.
Connector Assy. Not like original but will work
Shrink tubing
Switch cover. - MUCH larger than the original.

The old one covered up the 30 amp fuse for protection from the elements.

This repair kit has a much larger boot that covers almost all of the starter relay and the connector.

You have to move 1 wire in the connector to the correct slot. It is the big red one, main wire. Move it to the empty slot and everything plugs in as before..........


Clutch lever bushing

The Honda part Number 2285-MBO-006 is $10

The Suzuki part number 59892-08A00 is $3 and exactly the same part.

Part number two in the drawing

Courtesy of NC_Rob

Hit Counter Fork Tube

Aftermarket replacement fork tubes, just the tubes not the lowers.

Left fork tube (614 mm): 05-0538sx

Right fork tube (620 mm): 05-0538dx